Heartbeat Parade is a three-piece band from Luxemburg creating and performing instrumental rock combined with vocal sampling. HBP’s music is rooted in the sheer endless energy of hardcore, the geeky abusing of guitars commonly referred to as math-rock, the skull-cracking rhythms of metal and the do-it-yourself ethic of indie rock. Mass media and documentary films are literally the main source for the band’s lyrics. Ripped out of their original contexts, the sampled vocal extracts used in the songs build up new lyrical meanings by which the trio presents its humble ideas on history and modern society.

Being elected as one of the best rock performance at the French competition “Les découvertes du Printemps de Bourges” Hearbeat Parade had the opportunity to perform in April 2011 at “Le printemps de Bourges”. Since the release of their first demo in 2011, the band has had the chance to share the stage with bands like Ezekiel, Obstacles, Caspian, Maybe she will, And so I watch you from afar, 65 days of static and many more.

Heartbeat Parade:

Félix : Bass + loops

Vinch : Guitars + suzuki+piano

Vinny : Drums + samples

Website: http://www.heartbeatparade.com/