TCAC Christine Clément likes to play with her voice in many imaginative ways.
She leads several bands from the duet to the quintet, in which she freely
develops her talent of composer and improviser.
Pascal Gully, behind his drums and objects, is involved in numerous bands of
rock, new and improvised music (Zakarya, Suboko, Myself). His commitment and
force within bands are based on curiosity, energy and happenings.
In 2006, they created To Catch a Crab, which is the result of their old and real
urge to share their knowledge and sensibility.
To catch a crab is a world of strange songs, that will question and surprise
the public by their intimate, deep character, but also by a timeless and
mysterious side, that almost meet the expression of a deaf violence.

Christine Clément
aime explorer les multiples facettes de son imaginaire vocal. Elle est à la tête de plusieurs formations qui vont du duo au quintet, dans lesquelles elle laisse libre cours à son talent de compositrice et d’improvisatrice.
Pascal Gully participe derrière ses tambours et objets à de nombreuses formations de rock, de musiques nouvelles et improvisées (Zakarya, Suboko, Myself…) et privilégie la curiosité, l’énergie et l’imprévu comme moteurs de ses engagements au sein de "groupes".
En 2006, ils fondent To catch a Crab, qui correspond à une ancienne et véritable envie de partager leurs savoir et sensibilité.
To catch a Crab est un parcours de chansons "étranges", qui interrogent et surprenent l’auditoire par leur caractère intime, profond, mais aussi par un côté intemporel et insaisissable, jusqu’à l’expression d’une violence sourde.

Members :
Christine Clément – voice, synthesizer, flugelhorn, electric guitar, electronics
Pascal Gully – drums, percussions, voice

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To Catch a Crab  TCAC

First album of To Catch a Crab, 43 minutes of a Noise Trip Hop ballad. A story of a storm coming. You can think of an early Archive or Goldfrapp or Robert Wyatt.

Premier album de To Catch a Crab, 43 minutes d’une ballade noise trip hop. Une histoire de tempete qui arrive. On peut penser a Archive, Goldfrapp, ou encore Robert Wyatt.

Available in CD Digipack

Disponible en CD Digipack

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