solquest Mesmerico formed in Naples in 2001.The first line-up was made of three players but, after some months, was reduced to two instruments, guitar (Fabrizio) e drums (Luca). This duo will be the ultimate band. It’s difficult to associate them in a single genre. Their music is born from many and several influences, developed through years of various listenings, live performance they’ve seen and lived experiences. Mesmerico have a very intense live activity, especially out of their country. They often share the stage with: CHEVAL DE FRISE, ENFANCE ROUGE, ONE DIMENSIONAL MAN, NO MEANS NO, RAW POWER, DUE PARTI MOLLI TREMOLANTI, IL TEATRO DEGLI ORRORI and (from 2001 to 2008) several times with ZU. In March 2008, they’ve played with RHYS CHATHAM in the Guitar Trio Tour. 

Mesmerico s'est formé a Naples en 2001 (Italie). Le premier groupe composé de 3 musiciens s'est vite mué en Duo guitare/batterie. Leur musique est née de plusieurs influences développées par des années de bruits alimentant leurs oreilles. Ils ont partagé la scène avec entre autre CHEVAL DE FRISE, ENFANCE ROUGE, NO MEANS NO, ZU, RAW POWER etc … .

Members :
FABRIZIO P. / Guitar, Vox, Recording LUCA B. / Drums, Keyfx, Vox & Art.

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Mesmerico – MagneteMesmerico - Magnete

Magnete is the first full album of the duo Mesmerico. This album sounds like some Melvins / Mike Patton layers but on the math rock, free jazz and noise side. It was recorded in two days in Padova at Giulio Favero’s BLOCCO A (Teatro Degli Orrori, Ex-One dimensional Man’ member). In this record we’ll see a special collaboration with Zu’s Massimo Pupillo on the bass. .
Magnete est le premier album du duo Italien Mesmerico. Cette musique sonne comme un Mike Patton ou Melvins sur le coté Math Rock/Free Jazz/Noise de  la berge. Il a été enregistré en 2 jours a Padova par Giulio Favero (BLOCCO A). Dans cet album Massimo ZU apparait en guest a la basse.

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