solquest Microwave with Marge formed in Taranto (IT) in 2007.Art punk, new wave, – diy, – three piece Microwave with Marge are frenzied and spastic, – they can make You dance like tarantulated mannequins. , related with Ada-Nuki , – think of Erase Errata as well of Ex Models, and roots to be found in James Chance & the Contortions: – less syncopatic, less disturbed-noise addiction, happier (as They state) and fast like splinters, a valid adrenalyne dose, – btw with the same weird furious zig-zag skeleton for sure . [Komakino webzine]

Microwave with Marge s'est formé a Taranto en  (Italie) en 2007. Les 3 gars de ce groupe sont vraiment des fous furieux. Ils peuvent vous faire danser comme des mannequins desarticulés. Pensez a Erase Errata, Ex Models, ou meme James Chance & the contortions.

Members :
G Nuki – Drums & Voice
ArtoBeat – Guitar & Voice
Stick Boy – Bass & Voice

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Microwave with Marge – cow licks cowMesmerico - Magnete

Second record after an EP dating back to last year, for the abrasive art punk trio from Taranto (IT).
Like the fantastic naiveness cover could somehow announce,  Microwave with Marge is not foreign to the American noise of the second half of the eighties, and the shaker with hardcore music and a not insignificant dose of Pere Ubu, Residents, Ex Models.
Cow licks cow, well, it's certainly not listening canon, that will touch the right chord with the fans of heavy music, intelligent and constantly in progress.
Deuxième album apres un EP qui date de l'année derniere, Cow lick Cow refléte extrèmement bien l'univers abrasif mais néanmoins joyeux du trio Noise. (pensez a Pere ubu, Ex models, Residents ) 

Available in 10" record + CD and silkscreened cover

Disponible en Vinyl 10" pochette serigraphiee + Cd.


10" Vinyl + Cd  10 euros (+2 euros special shipping)