DeReizendeVerkoper.jpg de reizende verkoper picture by whosbrainDe reizende verkoper plays freak – noise – free jazz – rock – improvisation music.
Members of r. verkoper played (or still are) in:
haustor, kugla theater, cul-de-sac, gone bald, blisters, pink noise quartet, heroface, dexter, franco formica, surf hell, labdog, aeo…
De reizende verkoper started somwhere in '99 in amsterdam, played some gigs, introduced themselves to the Amsterdam's scene and around.
In 2000 they found one more sax player, played more gigs, changed drummer, found a trombone player, recorded new album 'hermes' (2001-2002), played some more gigs…and then had a long winter (spring, summer fall) sleep!? after the sleep they are back and
ready to record some more, play some more, and sell some more stuff!
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De Reizende Verkoper – Be Water My Friend

dereisendeverkoper-front.jpg be water my friend picture by whosbrain

it takes time to get to know a "right" person(s)
it takes a lot of faith to trust him-her
it takes a lot of work to have patience,listen to this
person and distinguish your ego from "a must-now-urge"
it takes A GIFT! to create something marvelous with this person(s)
it takes courage(for some)to present this personal
"marvel" to some other person(s)
it takes a lot of pain seeing this marvel just
i'm talkin 'bout IMPROVISATION in music(,,in this
it'could be that it realy is as "all of the above",i'mentioned, but then again,,it could be that it doesent have to be at all so complicated and that sometimes,,it just pours out of you,,like THE FLOOD,wide as THE DESERT,big as THE OCEAN,and INVISIBLE as the gift of improvisation.
CD deluxe Digipack – 10 euros