455945594_l.jpg gentle veincut picture by whosbrainFormed by Monsieur Hybrid and Volkan T, Gentle Veincut started up as a no-budget/problem-child/ghetto-trash-project from Eschborn – a meaningless suburb lying in the (even more meaningless) mountains called Taunus, not far from a meaningless city called Frankfurt am Main.
During a long time of rehabilitation and after lots of live- (and life-)experiences, some promising changing of the line-up and an handful of further releases, G.V. irresistibly have continued to develop their noise-/postpunk-variations and are gaining the attention of more and more decent fellows.

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concrete landing

Gentle Veincut – Concrete Landing

Very marked by the noise scene of Chicago of the Nineties (shellac, Jesus Lizard, shorty, BigN) Gentle Veincut has nevertheless its own identity. The music of "Concrete Landing" rests on a good hached and decaled rhythmic , a quite sharp-edged guitar, a precised bass guitar, and a vindicatory and persuasive female-intonated voice.
CD Digipack 2 shutters, 6 titles. 8 euros