ADANuki.jpg Ada Nuki picture by whosbrainADA-NUKI was born from the union of two musicians of Taranto, Italy: Stefano Spataro (Ritratto di un mattino, Anonima Folk) and Giorgio Maniglia (@ Logan, Psychotica records, Microwave With Marge) and from the fusion of their musical ideas deriving from different genres, but they have found in the rumoristic experimentation the way for giving life to a sound that it is made up sometimes of violent and sometimes of exquisitely electronic features.
Playing from the November of 2006, they performed their set for the first time live the 14th February of 2007 at the Partyzan in Cosenza, with a remarkable one happening. In March of 2007 they get the first italian tour composed of 6 gigs from Taranto to Florence, supporting the band of French friends Le Singe Blanc.

ADA NUKI est un duo Basse/Batterie fondé à Taranto Italie:Stefano Spataro (Ritratto di un mattino, Anonima Folk) et Giorgio Maniglia (@ Logan, Psychotica records, Microwave With Marge).
Leur musique allant de la pure noise à l’electronique ambiante nous fait penser à un June of 44 monté sous acide dans ses meilleurs moments.
Ayant eut leur première tournée avec le singe blanc en Mars 2007, ils ne demandent maintenant qu’à parcourir l’Europe.

Stefano Sparato : Bass / Electronic / Voice.
Giorgio Maniglia : Drums / Voice.

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adanuki-cover.gif adanuki cover album picture by whosbrain

Ada Nuki – S/t

The first CD of Ada nuki will bring you to unknown places mixing the power of noise rock, the ardour of punk and the subtility of post-rock.
Le premier CD de Ada Nuki vous emmenera vers des contrées inconnues mélangeant la fougue du punk la rage du noise-rock et la subtilité du post-rock.